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Value-Focused Thinking

“I identify the decision-making basis and create alternative approaches to leadership, digital marketing and ICT.”
Gertraud Dedek, virtual austrian management consultant for digital marketing and ICT

My certifications and diplomas:

Certified management consultant including the corporate organization for marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales

Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, GISA number: 29844555

Graduate Digital Transformation Manager

Marketing and Data-science

Digitalization and transformation, new technologies, digital knowledge management, IT-GRC, change management

Finance and banking

Corporate financing strategy and financial planning

Financial goals, key figures and forms of financing, corporate financing strategy and financial planning, knowledge of important financing instruments, austrian economic development and its legal framework

Certified in Online Marketing and Analytics
Online marketing

Google Ads and Google Analytics

Google Inc. I Certification ID: VAU DWK RRM


The optimal combination of leader and team

Leadership versus management, the central role of communication for successful leadership, promotion and challenge as personal strategies

I have extensive know-how across the whole range of -digital- marketing disciplines, sales process and ICT.

Creating digital brands for products and services 0

Developing efficient online marketing strategies along the customers journey 0

Aquiring new customers via social media channels, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, information and communication technology 0

Establishing digital solutions for information and communication technologies 0

Transforming marketing data into decisions, actions and content 0

Managing teams and change-projects 0

Specialist authoring digitization, IoT, AI, marketing and communication and financing 0

Think out of the box.

The virtual consulting dissolves the traditional understanding of consulting, where a team of senior and junior consultants is on site to provide knowledge and capacity. Today, customers can „pick a senior consultant to deliver his or her individual, specialized expertise over the phone or via the Internet. This can include anything from online seminars to phone or email consultations, or even a conference call with an independent advisor. Using new technologies for collaboration tools such as video conferencing, desktop sharing, and instant messaging, I offer my customers added value in virtual consulting service that is flexible, independent of location and time, easy to use, and sometimes available 24/7, yet personal.

My key attributs:

  • virtual consultancy, support and communication via internet
  • added value in strategy development, implementation and support
  • capability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • goal-orientedand entrepreneurial work approach
  • collaboration, exceptional communications and networking
  • German, mother tongue, fluent in spoken and written English, basic French

“Ensuring the stability of small and medium-sized enterprises in a constantly dynamic environment.“

My mission

Your Goal — my challenge

The basic strategic orientation of the market and the customer often falls victim to the operational pursuit of sales and earnings for many companies. Clarity in goal setting, strategy, development of measures for brands, marketing and sales, digital networking as well as the development of new skills and abilities are necessary in order to be internationally successful on the market.

Whether strategic consulting and conception or operational support in the implementation of the strategy, the concept or the measures (content-creation, web design, SEO, SEM, e-commerce and campaigns etc.) — wherever you need specific help, regardless of time-zone and place, ask me, I support you wherever necessary.

Gain insights into your target market.

Research and analysis

Understand your customers and boost customer satisfaction and retention. Identify your target customers. Get to know your competition. Find out what people think about your company and products.

Grow your national or international business.

Go to Market Strategy

Launch new products and services, re-launch your company or brand, or move a current product into a new market. Implement an infrastructure for information and communication for your stakeholder.

Connect with customers in today's global environment.

Marketing and communications

Build up your digital brand and communication. Convince your customers with exceptional web design, targeted SEO measures and concise content. Aquire new customers via social media channels, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, information and communication technology. Strengthen customer loyalty and customer relationships.

Transform marketing data into decisions and actions.

Marketing and Data science

Make successful business decisions and actions with analysis and reports of Google Analytics, Data-Studio, Optimize, Surveys, Tag Manager, social media and email marketing monitoring tools.

Need any help? I support you in a goal-oriented and entrepreneurial way.

I am an experienced, passionate digital marketing strategist with more than 14 years of experience and specific industry know-how in IT / software development, craft and trade production. Strategic thinker with a strong background in research and analytics, with a very keen ability to translate data into actionable insights to inform creative, brand positioning, customer segmentation and marketing measures. Enthusiastic technophile immersed in the latest tech innovations and emerging media and their marketing applications. Strong team leadership ability, exceptional communication and presentation skills. Extensive know-how across the whole range of marketing disciplines and sales process to ensure marketing budgets meet optimal Return on Investment.


Strong in the team – together meet the goals.

Gertraud Dedek

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“As a mediator between seemingly separate worlds, I create new, creative cross-connections through my open, critical, interdisciplinary and customer-centric approach and thus innovative solutions for digital transformation, brand management, customer management, marketing and sales — always with the goal: identifying opportunities and ways and potentials. “

Gertraud Dedek
CEO Strategieberatung — Gertraud Dedek

My clients are unique and technophile companies.

As an implementation-oriented business consultant for digital marketing, information and communication technology, I support companies locally, nationally and internationally through an integrated set of coordinated initiatives and concrete implementation measures to make brands, products, services and sales even more successful. My clients include unique companies with the courage to change, the willingness to learn and a high degree of „communicative competence“ in the following sectors: IT/software development, management consulting, trade, commerce, production and craft.

Excerpt references in local, national and global remote-work:

Hongkong / freelance

Specialist author digitization, IoT, AI, marketing and communication, financing and controlling

Alexandra Angerer Consulting - im Fokus SAP

Austria / remote: national brand, communication and networking

Strategy, Austrian brand, communication, lobbying, networking, content strategy and creation, SEO, web design, GDBR, social media

JAUK Business Intelligence

Austria / remote: national brand, communication and cooperation

Strategy, national brand, communication, lobbying, localizing, content strategy / creation, SEO, web design, networking


Styria / remote: local brand and digital marketing

Strategy, local brand, communication, content strategy, content creation, SEO, web design, GDBR, online marketing

In Partnership with Google for Startups

Germany / freelance Specialist author digitization, AI, banking inovations, entrepreneurship

A division of VNR Verlag for the German economy AG

Germany / freelance Creation and visualization of content

I help companies to grow!

Gertraud Dedek — virtual austrian management consultant for digital marketing and ICT